All But Furgotten relies greatly on the generosity of our volunteers 7 days a week!


We are committed to helping animals who are the victims of cruelty and neglect.

We are very passionate about the plight of puppy mill dogs. We have rescued many dogs from both Amish puppy mills as well as from non-traditional 'backyard breeders'; and plan to continue to rehabilitate dogs who would have otherwise been “disposed of” once they were no longer of use to breeders.

We currently have three volunteer Humane Police Officers.


We have a Search and Rescue Division that is devoted to helping owners find and when needed, humanely trap their pets so that they can be safely returned to their families.

We are in desperate need of fosters, transporters and fundraising volunteers which will require an application to be completed, references and a home check. 


Once you decide to apply, please print and complete the Volunteer Application as well as the Hold Harmless Agreement. 

Applications will only be considered if the the entire form is completed and signatures are included.

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer.





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