Dixie - Puppy Mill Rescue

Meet Dixie, a puppy mill rescue.  Dixie came to us very underweight and with severely matted hair in need of all her vetting and dental.  She had been in a cage 24/7 used only for the purpose of breeding puppies to sell.  This is what a mill dog can look like.  This is the life, health and condition of a mother of many pet store puppies who broker through puppy mills live. Look at what love and care and proper vetting can do for these beautiful babies! 

Lacie - Humane Neglect

Lacie was a humane call, a case of neglect that ended in an owner surrender.  She was long overdue for vetting to treat a serious eye infection as well as a skin condition. Surrendered to our volunteer Humane Police Officer, she was vetted and then placed with our loving foster who took her in and treated her medical needs through ABF and nursed her back to health!

Reba - Death Row Save

Reba and her family were on death row set to be euthanized until ABF pulled mom and the rest of the litter.  Reba has a skin condition that was inherited from her mother.  Due to her massive hair loss she was over looked by many until her new family came along.  It takes a special home to look beyond appearance and to love the dog for who they are.  ABF is so thankful they brought her into their lives and she continues to improve with the love and care of her family.  Here is what they say about Reba "Reba and her eyes spoke to both of us. It was love at first sight, she adds a little something to our family and is such a joy.  Reba is amazing, and we are blessed to have her as part of our family".

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