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What Is A Humane Rescue?

All But Furgotten is currently one of the only rescues in Westmoreland County responding to humane incidents. We currently have four volunteer Humane Officers who work towards the prevention of cruelty and suffering to animals. Humane Officers enforce animal cruelty and negligence laws, fighting and caring for those who are abandoned and neglected. They perform wellness checks and routine checks, educating pet owners, offering help, and seizing the animal when necessary. Whenever an animal is seized during an investigation, Humane Officers must go through the court process – which is not always in favor of the animals. Court trials typically last over a year, and animals are considered evidence until the trial is over. This leaves the rescue financially responsible for the humane case animals in our care for extensive periods of time. While court costs and long-term care for the animals can be financially devastating for the rescue, we will never stop fighting for them.

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